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"Ken and Dan performed their tasks in a business-like manner, at the same time being pleasant about it. We need more like them in the work place. Thanks again for your service."
Les Leonard
Marshfield, WI

News Updates

Emerald Ash Borer Week

Milwaukee Business Journal
business-journal-article-10-211.pdf Ken Ottman was featured in The Business Journal of Milwaukee in October 2011.

Arborist Gets Locked Up
On March 18th, Mark Pinkalla of First Choice Tree Care was jailed in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He raised bail by collecting donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Mark would like to thank the friends, relatives, and business associates who made his release possible, by making pledges totaling over $300.

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention in Wauwatosa
On November 3rd, First Choice Tree Care started the process of saving the most valuable ash trees in the city right-of-way in Wauwatosa. City Forester Ken Walbrant, identified 103 'key' street trees for treatment. Certified Arborist Paul Pinkalla of First Choice Tree Care administered soil-injected Xytect systemic insecticide in an effort to prevent damage by the constantly-spreading emerald ash borer. First Choice Tree Care is offering City Foresters the opportunity to take advantage of free application services, in communities where First Choice does business.

#1 Treatment for Emerald Ash Borer - Tree-age now Registered in Wisconsin!
A trunk-injectable form of emamectin benzoate is now registered for use in Wisconsin, under the trade name Tree-age (pronounced 'triage'). It is administered to the tree via the Arborjet delivery system. Research shows this to be the most effective way to control emerald ash borer. First Choice Tree Care has this treatment available for spring 2009.

Company on Cutting Edge for Emerald Ash Borer
On Nov. 4-5th, Mark Pinkalla and John Kahon of First Choice Tree Care attended the Illinois Arborist Association annual conference in Tinley Park, IL. They were able to network with arborists in the Chicago area, who are currently dealing with scattered infestations of emerald ash borer. Dave Smitley from Michigan State University presented the latest research on treatments for this insect. Since emerald ash borer was found in Wisconsin this past summer, our goal as a company has been to arm ourselves with proven, effective ways to preserve our clients’ ash trees. We were one of only 2 Wisconsin companies represented at this conference. First Choice Tree Care has recently completed a fall project to preventatively treat approximately 700 ash trees for the City of Cedarburg in Ozaukee County. The first confirmed emerald ash borer find in Wisconsin was in Newburg, 10 miles away. Cedarburg is the first community in Wisconsin to actively take steps to prevent infestation of their ash trees. First Choice Tree Care is proud to be the first tree care company in Wisconsin to be awarded such a contract.. First Choice Tree Care has recently added John Kahon III to our staff. John is a Board Certified Master Arborist, and has spent the last 6 years working at Autumn Tree Care in the Chicago area. He brings a wealth of experience in dealing with emerald ash borer. First Choice Tree Care is now the leading company in Wisconsin to preserve your ash trees and deal with emerald ash borer infestations.