Thursday 21 July 2016

Three Tips for Effective Summer Watering

Posted at 3:33 PM


Many customers this time of year often wonder how much they need to water their trees. Many times, people think increased temperatures call for an increase in watering, however, that is not always the case.

Read on for three tips to get the most out of your watering this summer.

1. Water trees after dinner. No matter if your tree is newly planted or years old, the best time to water is in the evening. Watering in the daytime or morning sun leads to evaporation, meaning an increase in the water you use and the frequency that you need to do it.

2. Give trees an inch of water per week. That’s right, just an inch. For trees, over-watering and under watering damage looks exactly the same. To help keep track of the amount you’re watering and the natural rainfall that’s also watering your trees, keep a small pie plate or tuna can out near your trees. Once the container is full, you’re done for the week!

3. Don’t start watering too early in the season or stop too soon. The ideal time to start watering trees is mid-June. Continuing to water through the summer and fall months until the ground freezes will give your trees water to store and result in less winter damage.

If you have more questions about watering, feel free to contact us.