Tree Support Systems

Tree cabling and bracing can successfully protect and improve the structural integrity of your trees. The experts at First Choice Tree Care use the latest cabling and bracing techniques to address splitting limbs and trunks. A certified arborist can best determine if your trees can benefit from the installation of cables and bracing rods.


Often time trees can develop structural problems such as weak branch attachment (branch crotches that are too narrow), co-dominant leaders (two main trunks) or major splits or cracks between branches or between the trunk and branches. Such situations greatly increase the likelihood that the tree will break at these weak spots either as a result of the weight of the limbs themselves or because of loads put on them by strong winds, snow, or ice. Cabling and bracing techniques have been developed to help support these structural problems and to prolong the useful life of the tree.

Cable and Bolting

Weak trees are supported by cabling alone or by both bolting and cabling. In cabling, high strength cables are installed high in the crown of the tree to join two or more branches. The cables are made of either steel or synthetic rope materials known as Cobra systems. The cables simply provide physical support to the limbs when they are placed under stress or strain.

Bolting your tree involves the installation of large diameter threaded steel rods through the union of weak or split trunks or branches. When bolting, a hole is drilled through the weak branch union; a long threaded rod is inserted through the hole; and washers and nuts are placed on both threaded ends of the rod. Depending upon the length of the split or seam, more than one bolt may be required. Cables are always used in conjunction with the installation of bolts.

When bolting and cabling, some pruning is done to reduce the weight of the branches to be supported.

Cable and Bolting at First Choice Tree Care in Junction City, WI

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