Do you want to be an ARBORIST?

First Choice Tree Care is offering the unique opportunity for Urban Forestry students to earn money while learning arboriculture! Students with limited work availability can join a First Choice Tree Care crew.

  • Receive valuable hands-on experience working in trees
  • Put newly-learned skills from school immediately into practice
  • Enhance resume with relevant experience
  • Earn money while learning arboriculture

To take advantage of this rare opportunity, complete the following checklist:

[  ]  Enroll in 2- or 4-year urban forestry/arboriculture degree program

[  ]  Complete a basic introductory-level tree climbing course

[  ]  Own basic gear (saddle, rope, lanyard, helmet, work boots, safety glasses)

[  ]  Have a valid drivers license and clean driving record

[  ]  Be available at least 1 day a week, even if it is only on Saturdays

[  ]  Contact First Choice Tree Care

Call: (715) 952-9771

Email: [email protected]