Saturday 25 April 2015

Spring Tree Care Regime

Posted at 5:39 PM


  • Begin planting trees and shrubs to diversify your landscape
  • Treat for emerald ash borer, bronze birch borer, linden borer and zimmerman pine moth
  • Treat to prevent honey locust foliar insects
  • Fertilize your trees to supplement nutrients
  • Begin apple scab treatment to reduce premature leaf loss
  • STOP the pruning of oak and elm trees until November to protect against oak wilt and Dutch elm disease


  • Continue preventive insect treatments on ash, birch, honey locust and other trees
  • Treat to control pine borer, tent caterpillar and gypsy moth
  • Begin treatments for needle diseases on spruce, pine and fir trees
  • Maintain apple trees with our apple tree maintenance program (in full swing throughout May)


  • Continue treating foliage diseases on evergreen and deciduous trees
  • Start preventive treatments for vascular diseases, including Dutch elm disease and oak wilt
  • Begin pruning and shearing spring-flowering shrubs that are done blooming
  • Replenish mulch around your trees
Spring Tree Care Regime

For more details on what you can do this spring to take care of your trees, consult an arborist at First Choice and we’ll be happy to help you.