Tuesday 2 February 2016

Brace Yourself for Cabling

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Last issue, we discussed pruning as a way to reduce structural stress on your trees. Cabling and bracing rods (structural support systems) also function as protectors of a tree's structural integrity. When properly installed, cables help to redistribute structural stress and bracing rods can provide support to weak branch attachments. Cabling and bracing are important to think about at this time of year as trees' bare branches allow homeowners a clear view of the branches and trunk. Homeowners should inspect trees for cracks and bad branch angles, and, if either is found, homeowners should call a certified arborist to inspect the tree further. Certified arborists will use one or more of the following cabling/bracing tools to assist your tree: 

  • Cobra Brace
  • Steel Cable
  • Threaded Steel Rod 

At First Choice, after we install support systems, we will come back every year to inspect them and make sure they are meeting your tree's needs.

Steel Cable