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Now that we are well into Wisconsin's thunderstorm season, branches and trees are at high risk for storm damage, especially for trees that have been poorly pruned or previously weakened. We've spent the past few weeks in Central Wisconsin cleaning up some of the most severe storm damage we've experienced in (more)

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When your road rage heightens, remember you aren’t the only one affected by the construction. Trees can be damaged or killed by many different construction activities.

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The pruning of your trees is one of the best ways to assure tree health, but it can be very complex.

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Inspecting your trees for potential problems can save you a lot of time, money and headaches. Winter snow and ice may have put more weight on branches causing damage, while high winds may have torn the branches away from your tree. The dormant season is the best time to check (more)

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Ken Ottman, president of First Choice Tree Care and Ottman Christmas Trees was featured in the North Shore NOW. Read about the six types of Christmas trees that are locally grown and sold in Wisconsin. Find your perfect Christmas tree at one of the three locations in Pewaukee, Whitefish Bay (more)

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After finishing the Thanksgiving holiday and crossing the threshold into December, families all over Wisconsin are setting their sights on finding the perfect Christmas tree. With 70 years of experience growing and selling trees in Wisconsin, Ottman Christmas Trees and First Choice Tree Care are here to help with tips for finding, and caring for, your symbol of holiday cheer! 

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Dr. Les Werner explains tree fertilization and the supply and demand of resources the tree requires.

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Top 5 Trees to Enjoy this Fall

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Dr. Les Werner and Dr. Bryant Scharenbroch received the Tree Research and Education Endowment (TREE) Fund's Hyland Johns Grant. The grant will fund both the development a user-friendly and freely-available soil management toolbox for urban tree managers. 

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Many homeowners hear the word fungus and are alarmed, however, some fungi are great for tree health. One of these fungi is mycorrhiza, which can be found in and around the roots of trees. 

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We have provided a list of some of the most common tree care questions asked to better prepare you for fall tree care maintenance.

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Autumn isn’t just for enjoying the beautiful leaf colors, it is for planting too! As trees become dormant and rainfall is plentiful, autumn is the ideal time for planting trees.

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If you are an experienced arborist who has excellent tree and shrub focused skills, then First Choice Tree Care wants you! First Choice has immediate position openings for qualified arborists in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. If you enjoy the outdoors during all four seasons and are proficient in climbing, pruning and (more)

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The tree care industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled arborists throughout the nation, and specifically in Wisconsin. As the industry continues to grow, the number of university and technical school trained arborists has remained static. This has created critical staffing shortages for many companies in Wisconsin. First Choice Tree (more)

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First Choice offers an extremely effective mosquito treatment.