Thursday 21 July 2016

Prepare for Summer Storm Damage

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High winds, saturated soil conditions and weak branches create the perfect situation for storm damage. Property destruction from fallen limbs or trees can leave residents and their homes devastated and unsure how to proceed. In these situations, it’s important to bring in professionals. From pre-storm prevention to post-storm clean up, Certified Arborists can help to identify potentially hazardous conditions and reduce damages.

In cases of pre-storm prevention, hazards are not obvious to the untrained eye. While it is impossible to totally protect trees and property from severe storms, a Certified Arborist can inspect for issues that predispose trees to failure. Based on what is found, appropriate treatments, like pruning, bolting or cabling, pest management and fertilization can help trees and shrubs better endure weather damage.

First Choice Tree Care Arborists assisting with tree damage.

However, more pressing, and usually more stressful, for a homeowner is dealing with post-storm damage. Fallen trees against houses or garages, or on roofs or electric lines, create highly dangerous situations that should be handled by a professional. At First Choice, when the sirens go off and everyone heads for the basement, we go to work handling tree removal, tree repair, removing and recycling debris and assisting with damage insurance claims.

Note, in cases of severe storm damage requests, our Gold Leaf customers receive priority service. Find out more about becoming a Gold Leaf customer here