Monday 17 October 2016

The Unseen Part of Tree Health

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Many homeowners hear the word fungus and are alarmed, however, some fungi are great for tree health. One of these fungi is mycorrhiza, which can be found in and around the roots of trees. This fungus is a benefit to trees as it increases absorption capacity of roots, allowing more water and nutrients to enter the tree. It also allows the transfer of carbon from tree to tree, promoting growth.

This fungus is so important to trees that when the soil is lacking mycorrhiza, problems with tree roots arise. First Choice Tree Care uses a special substance called Bio-Pak Plus, a patented product that contains critical fungi, mycorrizae and beneficial bacteria to introduce these organisms back into the soil. When Bio Pak Plus is used on areas where the soil is lacking mycorrhiza, the substance promotes root growth as well as helps plants recover from winter stress and gives leaves their vibrant colors in the spring and summer months.