Saturday 25 April 2015

Be on the Lookout for Needle Disease

Posted at 5:20 PM

What to look for:

Be on the Lookout for Needle Disease

Dark green, water-soaked spots on needles that become tan, yellow or reddish brown. Yellowing and death of a large number of needles.

Where it comes from:

Dothistroma needle blight is caused by a fungus that survives in the diseased needles. The spores that spread the disease are produced during the spring. Infection can occur at anytime, but periods of cool, wet weather make trees more susceptible.

How it should be treated:

Applying fungicides early in the growing season can help prevent new infections, but will not cure needles that already have the disease. Several years of fungicide treatment are necessary to completely restore a tree to health. Trees that are severely infected may warrant removal. It is also important to rake up and dispose of infected needles that have fallen from the tree to reduce the further spread of disease.

To avoid needle disease, be sure to plant trees where there is good airflow and adequate spacing between trees.

Don't let diseased trees go untreated. If you suspect needle disease, give us a call!